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Day six

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Kofi Annan and Bob Geldof. Two of the biggest dogs you’ll ever meet – and being in the same room as them makes you realise why they’re so big.

This is the next big campaign they’re working on, it’s gonna be huge.

Sorry guys, the video of Bob is twenty minutes and we haven’t got Quicktime Pro to edit it. We’ll upload it to the server so you can see it there.


Three of our favourites

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Ceiling Cinema. Check this out if you’ve got a minute.

Schweppes from PUBLICIS MOJO Auckland. This is lovely, take a look if you’ve got ten.

And lastly, this one’s awesome.

Day five

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Roger Daltrey (lead singer of The Who) performs a few songs for us. He covers Johnny Cash and plays us ‘Who are you’. No smashing any guitar though. Oi! Roger! No!

They’ve got heaps of these, practically one on every corner. Apparently not enough of them though, now that Rob’s in town.

Sold out.

Sold out.


Kenton and Darryl, robbed.


'Navigation Letter' for Volkswagen

'Navigation Letter' for Volkswagen



We met Bob Scarpelli, presenting the rationale and strategy behind the Obama campaign. It was an incredible presentation, but here’s a brief summary.

Tomorrow is Kofi Annan, so that’ll be massive. We’re in the lobby of our hotel as we write this and there’s a function on. The h’orderves are set up and there are rich arty people swivelling wine. We’d better pack this up. Au revoir.

Day four

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Character assassination

Character assassination

And yes, we got into the VIP area. But of course, it could have been that Daniel Craig look that did it.

This party was off the hook. Champagne, of course.


Oh, Merci. Champagne.

Oh, Merci. Champagne.

The food was insane.

 That round thing in the middle of the table is a big hunk of cheese.

That round thing in the middle of the table is a big hunk of cheese.

No time for hangovers, today was full as. Stevie van Zandt, AKA the big dog from The Sopranos, talked about the transition from the record label to the rock media company.

Steve Ballmer was pretty inspiring. He’s the CEO of Microsoft and won Cannes Media person of the year tonight. He proved again that it’s all about going digital.

We’re seeing some amazing work – and outfits. This guy was classic.

Oi! You! No! We can't have advertising farts, tucking their vest into their pants!

Oi! You! No! We can't have advertising farts, tucking their vest into their pants!

Should we bless you with our presence next week, we’ll go through the work. Just make sure there’s caviar and Bollinger.

Day three

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Well done DDB. ‘When will the fruit burst?’ was a hit.

Awesome work.

Good on ya Pat and Sue, ANZ got a bronze!

The theme of today: digital media and the opportunities that have come out of it. Everyone’s talking about user generated content and ‘real ways for people to express themselves’. 42 Entertainment. This was absolutely awesome.

Quote of the day? ‘It’s like the pulp fiction of web content’.

Seminar 2. Naked Communications, a panel made up of Andy Berndt, Jonathan Mildenhall (Coca-Cola’s VP of Global Advertising Strategy & Creative Excellence) and Stefan Olander.

Thinking the unthinkable was a presentation from Nigel Morris, the founder of Isobar. He was really interesting, and covered data, integration, digital innovation and creativity. Few!

Must dash, Wayne’s giving a presentation at five. Toodles.

Day two

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Day two started off a bit shady. Last night was extreme – I’m sure Rob will tell you all about the french Cougars.

Here’s something completely unrelated but too hilarious not to post. Because we’ve had 3 comments and all, this one’s for you big dog.

So today was all about social media. The seminar was called Gravitational Mass Media and it was pretty swell. This guy is Mike Murphy, the VP of Facebook global sales.


Then we hung out with some other swell guys

Cory and Rob love


We’re about to go to the Direct award ceremony now. Good luck to Pat, Sue, Wayne and Kim. Fingers crossed for RAPP and champagne.

Day one

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Hong Kong airport: protecting yourself from swine flu is a fashion statement.
 Welcome to CANNES. The home of the big dogs
Welcome to CANNES. The home of the big dogs

 So here we are. Survived two 12 hour flights, 12 hours in airports (wine is the best way to get lost in Hong Kong) and a first class airport pick up (Merc, S-class. It’s how we roll). Boo yaah!


Register us

Register us

First day. 3 Seminars. Cougars  galore. Big dog heaven.

Spot the difference:


RAPP represent! 

So Seminar 1. Blinkx – all about advertising in online videos – youtube and so on. Some cool insights on how you can target people and be really relevant with the timings and placement of your ads. 

Then we checked out the beach.

Seminar 2. Adobe workshop. Katie and Kenton, this one’s for you.

There’s all these cool applications you can make for your phone. 

Check out for more from Paul Burnett.

Seminar 3. Linked in and social media. Really interesting, but to post the vids would be boring. 

So that’s it for today. More to come from CANNES tomorrow.

We are forever in debt to these guys.

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Check out these legends

Check out these legends

Out of 139 entries there were eight finalists, three of which were from RAPP. Swell.

These guys did some ace work for Yellow:

Code Yellow

Pat and Sue's 'Code Yellow' won the grand prize

These were the other two finalists from RAPP:

Wads of cash

Wads of cash by Darryl and Kenton

What's your ultimate lifestyle?

We did this one

So now we’re off to Cannes. The lesson learned? It pays to be second best.

It also pays to be very nice to your boss.

Thanks to…

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RAPP Auckland

RAPP Auckland

Thanks Yellow


We’ll have a drink for ya.